2019 Nail Trends by Ora Beauty Edinburgh

2019 Nail Trends

It's May already we are well into 2019 and its been none stop in the world of nail art. Fashion, culture, celebrity even environment can influence what’s going to be the next hot trend on the tips of your fingers.

We’ve researched the latest nail trends set to be big this year, some are big & bold, some modest and subtle but all are very, very beautiful.

Holographic Ombre Nails

Last year we saw holographic nails and “mirror” nails make their debut, we also saw a lot of Ombre nails where the 2 colours merge from dark to light, these 2 looks have now been incorporated into 1 and the results are stunning. The holographic look has now been paired down slightly using holographic powder to accent the tips of the nails or the bed of the nails, we’ve been doing this with glitter for years creating a waterfall effect. Now using holographic powder, the look is very modern- futuristic but is very pretty & subtle when paired with soft blush or nude tones.

Jewellery Box Nails

This must be my favourite of all the nail trends for this year, reminds me of being a child and playing with all my grans jewels, taking them all out of the box and trying to put them all on at the same time. A light or nude back ground works best for this look as gem stones, diamantes, pearls and studs are mounted onto the nails, big and small jewels are used to create the bespoke design. Not for the faint hearted these are for serious nail art lovers.


I’ve been seeing it everywhere; Gold is the nail colour of 2019. So versatile it can see you through every season easily and matches with every colour palette. Deep gold, light gold, yellow gold, rose gold, choose your favourite tone and go for it!


Finally! Those neglected little toes that are only allowed pampered in the summer months and are lucky to see a swipe of polish are now having their day! Yes, we have the emergence of toenail art, and why not? Glitter, Foils, Ombre, Embellishment, French, Reverse French, Holographic, Nail Art are just some of the fabulous treatments available in our nail salon. We can have just as much fun with your tootsies too!

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The next chapter...

A big shout out to all our amazing, loyal clients who have made our time at Ora Beauty so much fun!

Together we have shared tears of joy and tears of happiness. We have been there through good times and tough times. New jobs, new boys, holidays, breakups, makeups, more holidays, parties, engagements, weddings, babies, house moves and many incredible life journeys.

We are so grateful to have been a part of those times and we have loved every minute of it!

Sadly all good things must come to an end and the hard decision has been made to close the salon doors for good.

But don’t worry, when one door closes another door opens, and we would like to invite you to open those doors with us!

Our talented therapists, who you know and love have their very own beauty businesses and are now available for appointments! Please feel free to get in touch, we know we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for all the good times, your loyalty and support #LoveYourLife
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