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Ora Beauty

"Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, and most of all experiences to enjoy"

Clients often ask me “where did you get the name, Ora Beauty?” Inspired by a trip to India, I came across a temple in Jaipur with the name “Aura” I was taken by how beautiful this place was, a serene looking Buddha lying across the ground in front of the main entrance and I will never forget how breath taking it was. When I came to name my business, I used the name but changed it in a unique way so that it was personal to me. I later learned the phrase “Ora” means – Good Life, Beautiful life.

Ora Beauty was born of humble beginnings. It actually started out by opening a beauty room in my mums spare bedroom, whilst in my first year of beauty school. My kind and generous cousin gifted to me some second-hand beauty furniture and I purchased some basic equipment to get me started. As soon as I had learned something at college I would practice it on friends and family until I mastered it. I then saved to enroll myself on extracurricular courses such as CND Shellac and Individual Eyelash extensions as I knew these treatments would be popular. I spent 3 years full time at college where I won an award for outstanding academia and used this award to buy a laptop computer to help me with my studies. During this 3 years I worked part time in a prestigious 5 Star Spa in the centre of Edinburgh and part time in my little beauty room, practicing and honing my beauty skills. In my final year I even managed to fit in getting married to my most amazing husband, (who is my rock and my best friend) in beautiful Santorini, Greece. It was a busy time!

It was during this time at college that I decided I wanted to own and run my own beauty salon. Only 3 months after I left college an opportunity to rent my own beauty room in my home city came up and I jumped at the chance. I rented the room, decorated, and moved in all my beautiful things! Ora Beauty was born. I was lucky to have found a room in the gorgeous hair salon Coco Ribbon in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. Within six months I was fully booked, everyday! And I loved every minute of it.

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Over the next 2 ½ years I built up the business and learned the ropes. I found I had to learn lots about running a business and work long hard hours, but with the support of my loving husband and wonderful family and friends, I could see it was growing. It came a point where I decided it was time to move into my very own shop. I found the perfect property for rent only a few doors from Coco Ribbon and I knew I had to have it. A few months later I had the keys to my very own shop!

The shop needed a lot of work done to it and we had to call in a few favours along the way. My husband became project manager whilst I ran between the two shops doing as much as I could. I love my shop and it makes me so happy when I walk through the door every morning. Knowing that we built it with our own hands and the remembering the blood sweat and tears we endured along the way!

I now have 2 full time employees who are amazing women and I am so lucky to have found them, I like to think we have an open and honest work ethic built on trust and respect. We also have a lot of laughs! I think having the right team is what makes the salon such a nice inviting experience. It makes me smile when I hear the clients and girls laughing away with each other whilst getting nails done. I really am a lucky lady.

We have now been named as one of the 5 best nail bars in Edinburgh, (Ion Edinburgh magazine) 1 of the best salons in Morningside (Timeout Magazine), we won the prestigious New Business award sponsored by Yelp, finalist in the Evening News Business Awards and featured as finalist for The Scottish Hair and Beauty awards for 4 consecutive years! However to be honest, I receive awards and adulations every day I go to work. The smile on my clients faces is reward enough.

“Have you always wanted to be a Beautician?” is another question that pops up regularly. My answer always surprises my clients, I became a beautician later in life. I guess if you love doing what you do then you become good at it and that makes you want to become the very best you can be. I always strive to create the best possible experience for my clients, using the best products, providing the best training, and having the best staff.

I use #LoveYourlife in all my branding as a tag-line to help me remember to take a moment to appreciate how far I’ve come and to be grateful to my family and friends who have helped me every step of the way, my loving husband (who I couldn’t have done it without) and especially, my wonderful clients who make my every day a pleasure.

My clients mean the world to me and they are the reason I love my job, sometimes my work doesn’t even really seem like work. Yes, it is hard sometimes, I work long hours and put everything into my business, but I think it is worth it and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Meet The Team


I’ve been named “The Wonder Woman Of Waxing” and even been on This Morning talking about intimate waxing and Vajacials with Philip Schoefield! I never thought running a beauty business could be quite so rewarding and so much fun.

People ask me my favorite treatment, but I can honestly say I love them all! I founded Ora Beauty at the end of 2013 after returning to college as a mature student to study beauty. Before that, I started out studying Art and Design, Fashion Design and Costume Design. Previously, I was an air hostess for many years.

Now I have two feet firmly on the ground and enjoying building my brand and my team, providing the best possible service I can. My only regret is that I didn’t become a beauty therapist sooner!


Hey! I have been involved in beauty therapy for a few years now having went straight to college after leaving school. I studied my NC, HNC and HND at West Lothian College in Livingston where I also completed two years of hairdressing!

I am a graduate of Sara Hill’s Academy of Makeup in Glasgow, a very prestigious school that teach all aspects of makeup, being trained by celeb makeup artists was amazing!

My favorite treatments are HD Brows – the difference a good brow can make is insane, and makeup which is my specialty. I love the way the products can boost your confidence whether it be working on photo-shoots, prom makeups or brides, but I do love the variety here at Ora!


I started out in beauty therapy at the age of 16 after leaving high school. I have always worked part time while studying up to HND level, as well as qualifying in CND Shellac, HD Brows, LVL Enhance and Shrinking Violet.

My favorite treatments are Shellac Nails and LVL Enhance. I absolutely love glitter… you can’t have enough glitter right!? LVL Enhance because it’s my favorite treatment to get done to myself, (if I can find time!) it really opens the eye and gives the appearance of wearing mascara, and there is little maintenance with these!!