Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is the original hot wax that we know and love. As Bikinis became tinier during the 1970’s hair removal became more extreme and women had to find a way to remain smooth and hair free in sunnier climates.

In Brazil, 7 sisters known famously as the J sisters took it 1 stage further and began practicing the art of sugaring their nether regions, the craze grew and this then became known as the Brazilian wax.

These days the latest technology means we can use the best wax with a lot less ouch! Which means soft, smooth skin for longer.

The Brazilian wax involves removing hair from the front leaving a landing strip (you can suggest tall, short, thick or thin) everything from underneath and the back.

Brazilian Waxing tip? – Treat yourself to a scrummy cupcake after, this always helps.

Brazilian Hot Wax£36
Brazilian Hot Wax With Bum Cheeks£41
Full leg, Brazilian/Hollywood, Underarm Hot & Strip Wax£71
½ leg, Brazilian/Hollywood & Underarm Hot & Strip Wax£63
½ Leg, Brazilian/Hollywood – Hot & Strip Wax£48