G-String Waxing

G-String Waxing

We like to call it a French Bikini, but it is also known as a G-string bikini, or a high bikini. If you’re not quite ready to bare all but want to feel neat and confident then the French Bikini wax is for you.

We will offer you disposable paper pants to wear during this treatment so that you feel comfortable throughout. We follow the shape of the G-string Knickers, taking some hair from each side underneath, the sides of the front and the top of the front can be as far down as a bikini would naturally sit.

We use Lycon Hot Wax for all our bikini waxes which means less ouch for you. This wax is excellent for first timers, or if it’s been a while and your getting back into waxing.

G-string Bikini waxing tip – Treat yourself to a yummy cupcake afterwards – works every time!

G-string Hot Wax (French)£26
G-string Hot Wax With Bum Cheeks (French)£31