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CND Brisa Nails

Whether you want to add length to your nails with a gel enhancement or enhance your own natural nails with a strong, flexible overlay. We can create the nails you always wanted with CND Brisa Gel.

Our CND Brisa gel is hypoallergenic (contains no gluteraldehyde or formaldehyde) non-yellowing and odour free! Durable, flexible, & strong, our nail professionals cleanse and prepare the nails with a CND Manicure before adding tips or coating each nail with long lasting Brisa Gel. The enhanced nails are shaped to the desired length & style before finishing with CND Shellac, CND Shellac Luxe or CND Vinylux colour. Nail Art can be added to any Brisa Gel treatment for that extra wow factor!

Our Brisa Gel enhancements require a maintenance service around 2 – 3 weeks which includes cuticle work, rebalance to the enhancement and a fresh colour and finish.

Gel Nails - Price List

CND Brisa Gel Nail Extensions (Tips)£54
CND Brisa Gel Nail Extensions (Tips) – With Nail Art£59
CND Brisa Gel Nail Extensions – Maintenance£49
CND Brisa Gel Overlays£44
CND Brisa Gel Overlays – With Nail Art£49
CND Brisa Gel Overlay Rebalance£49
CND Brisa Gel Overlay Rebalance – With Nail Art£54
Gell Nail Extensions Edinburgh

CND Brisa Gel Nail Extensions

Our Nail extensions offer you instant length in just 1 treatment! Whether you have a holiday, special occasion or bored of your short nails and want a change, our Brisa gel extensions are long lasting, strong and durable.

Our talented nail techs will prepare your nails to receive the special CND tips which are shaped specially to fit snugly on your nails, we use a strong adhesive bond to attach the nail tips, once in place the nails are trimmed and shaped to your requirements. If you’r not sure about the length or shape, don’t worry our experienced nail technicians can help to find your perfect nails.

Once shaped the entire nail is coated with our CND Brisa gel, this keratin bonding gel goes on smooth and thin resulting in strong, durable, natural looking nail enhancements.
Now for the best part, choose your finish! We have 100’s of colours! choose from CND Shellac or CND Vinylux for an ultra-groomed, ultra-chic finish or why not indulge in some beautiful nail art for that extra special finishing touch.

Your nail extensions require maintenance every 2 – 3 weeks.

CND Brisa Gel Nail Overlays

So you need a little extra help to grow your nails but don’t want to commit to adding tips? Gel overlays are perfect for you.

Our flexible, durable gel coats your nail to add strength without bulkiness meaning your nails are less likely to break or peel and in a few short weeks will have grown to your desired length. Once they have reached the desired length, we can keep them in perfect shape by offering a maintenance treatment every 2 – 3 weeks called a rebalance.

Once your nails have been prepared our odourless Brisa gel coats the entire nail. This is cured in a LED Lamp. Once set, your overlays are buffed and fluffed to perfection resulting in a thin, strong flexible overlay ready for some colour.

Whatever your style we have the colour and finish for you. We have hundreds of colours in CND Shellac and Vinylux. Choose shellac if you want long lasting, hard wearing colour or Vinylux if you want colour for short time before removing to leave your natural overlays bare or switching up your colour.

For those extra extra nails! choose some nail art. Brows our Insta nail page “That Nail Thing” for nailspiration, mood boards and our gorgeous nail gallery. Whatever your style or occasion our nail specialists are “on hand” to preen your nails to perfection and leave you feeling well and truly pampered.

Gel Nails Overlay - Ora Beauty

Gel Nail FAQ's

CND Brisa is a sculpting gel which bonds to keratin. This reinforced gel provides superior adhesion and durability. We use Brisa, a gel with tips to create nail extensions or on its own over a natural nail which are called overlays.
Our CND Brisa gel is odourless and contains no nasty chemicals which are harmful when in inhaled, our nail treatments are completely safe which means our trained nail techs and our clients have no need to wear protective masks.
Your tips once applied will be trimmed and shaped to your desire, whether you prefer long or short, your nail technician will create the shape for you. Brisa Gel can create beautiful thin extensions which means no bulkiness or fake looking nails.
We use CND Brisa gel with a tip to create a nail extension and CND Brisa gel over natural nails to create a gel overlay.

We recommend letting your nail enhancements grow out, however, if you would like to have them removed, we recommend professional removal in salon.

For CND Brisa Nail extensions we would recommend having a nail maintenance service every 2 – 3 weeks and for overlays we recommend having a gel rebalance every 2 – 3 weeks to keep your enhancements looking fresh.
We have over 150 shellac colours, over 80 Vinylux colours and a vast array of glitters, foils and nail art, the hardest part is choosing!
Remember the golden rule “they are jewels, not tools” be very careful with your nails, avoid chemical and being heavy handed. A cuticle oil should be applied twice a day.
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A big shout out to all our amazing, loyal clients who have made our time at Ora Beauty so much fun!

Together we have shared tears of joy and tears of happiness. We have been there through good times and tough times. New jobs, new boys, holidays, breakups, makeups, more holidays, parties, engagements, weddings, babies, house moves and many incredible life journeys.

We are so grateful to have been a part of those times and we have loved every minute of it!

Sadly all good things must come to an end and the hard decision has been made to close the salon doors for good.

Thanks for all the good times, your loyalty and support #LoveYourLife
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