Emma' experience of intimate waxing

Is Waxing Painful? Our Therapist Emma Goes To Hollywood!

Today, for the first time, I put my “big girl pants” on (or should I say “off”) and ventured into the world of intimate waxing as a client instead of therapist.

As a therapist I have done countless bikini waxes, but I have never been brave enough to go full intimate and have either a Brazilian - which leaves you with a “landing strip” or a Hollywood – leaves you literally hairless.

So, leaders in the Hot waxing market Lycon, have launched their most sensitive wax yet, specially designed for Brazilian intimate waxing. Lycon claim this is a “game changer for you and your clients” It’s a delicious mix of berry’s and bee’s wax and is a glorious smelling, perfect pink wax called “PINKINI”.

PINKINI Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax is a finely tuned blend of LYCON’s legendary traditional hot wax and “LYCOtec” modern firm wax formulas, and when used with the supporting products which consist of a Pre-wax cleanser, Pre-wax oil and Post-wax soothing cream, they provide a tip-top treatment. For clients who have a tendency towards pigmented skin, LYCON claim “No fear, we have it covered with the effective and easy to use PINKINI Lightening Serum and PINKINI Intimate Wash, for home use.

The point of these at home products are they are to reduce pigmentated area’s in your intimate area’s or underarms, basically the products can be used on any type of hyperpigmentation and help reduce the appearance, on top of all that the PINKINI serum has anti-aging properties perfect for using on your face, neck & back of hands. Marketed as a “luxury collection” and a “necessity” as Brazilian and Bikini waxing is now one of the most requested services in the industry, it promises “virtually painless, professional waxing” with is calming and soothing blend of Argan oil and Chamomile – now that is one big promise!

It was now time for me to put PINKINI to the test as a waxing newbie. Having never went full intimate I was a mixture of emotions; nerves, anticipation, fear, embarrassment…especially since my therapist, Laura, is a work colleague and friend so needless to say we were going to take our friendship to the next level. Laura meet my lady garden – lady garden meet Laura.

Laura coaxed me into the treatment room, and just because she is an awesome therapist she read me like a book and knew exactly how I was feeling “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle” she smiled, “come on, it’s fine, I will give you a few minutes to get yourself comfortable” and then left the room so I could strip myself of my underwear and dignity. It was time. No more running Emma. Get your knickers off. I am not too proud to admit I was shaking. I’ve had 2 pregnancies, one surgical delivery and one the old-fashioned way, but I was still so nervous!! Was it because the pain? The embarrassment? I have no idea, I just know I was more nervous than I had been in a long time!! I looked round the familiar treatment room, all the times I have said to women “just pop these disposable pants on and cover yourself with this little towel and I will be right back, don’t be nervous, you will be fine” and now it was my turn.

I removed my lower half and got onto the treatment bed. Placed the towel over my thighs and lay back, I would like to say “and thought of my country” but I was frantically thinking about all the things that could go wrong and how I could possibly be more self-conscious. Before I knew it, Laura was back and asking me to pop my heels together and knees apart ALA smear test style. I was shaking so badly, I was apologising profusely, about what exactly Emma? Who knows, but Laura took pity on me. “Okay, let’s take this slowly” I wanted to shout “Or maybe do it another time” but no, I had to be brave and pop my intimate waxing cherry.

Laura started chatting to me and I honestly was distracted for a few minutes, the next thing I know the first “patch” had been expertly applied by Laura, and in the blink of a false eyelash it had just as expertly been wheeked off! “Hmmmm not so bad” I thought…..Laura continued to work her magic but I have to be honest, the nearer she got to my really intimate parts, I started to sweat, no wait, as my mum says “Horses sweat, ladies perspire” well, not sure if I have felt less ladylike at that moment in time with my legs akimbo and Laura smearing bright pink wax over my nether regions, but sweat I most certainly was. Then something weird happened, I am not sure if it was just my pride giving up or if it was the lovely berry smell, but I began to totally relax, the wax did feel hot, but not in an unpleasant way, in an almost soothing way. When Laura was removing the wax, there was no big “rip” it was more a “peel” this was for sure much better than I thought.

All in all Laura was true to her word and very gentle with me. The fresh berry scent was really soothing and had a calming effect on me. It really did distract me. The actual waxing was most definitely not pain free as it was my first time but it was most definitely not as sore as I expected it to be. To cut a long short and curly’s short, I will definitely be doing it again!! The pain was over in a few seconds and I was left feeling soft, smooth and relieved.. and just a little bit proud of myself!

If I can do it, so can you!

PINKINI is suitable for nearly all clients, it can even remove teeny tiny hairs as short as 1mm. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin, let’s be honest, we all have sensitive skin “down there” So, I strongly advise you all to rush to Ora and book in for your PINKINI Brazilian post haste!

Until next time, stay in the Pink y’all ?

Ora Beauty Salon Edinburgh

The next chapter...

A big shout out to all our amazing, loyal clients who have made our time at Ora Beauty so much fun!

Together we have shared tears of joy and tears of happiness. We have been there through good times and tough times. New jobs, new boys, holidays, breakups, makeups, more holidays, parties, engagements, weddings, babies, house moves and many incredible life journeys.

We are so grateful to have been a part of those times and we have loved every minute of it!

Sadly all good things must come to an end and the hard decision has been made to close the salon doors for good.

Thanks for all the good times, your loyalty and support #LoveYourLife
Nadine xx