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The Love Island Look

The nation is poised and ready for this year’s bevvy of Love Island beauty’s soon to be hitting our screens this summer.  Whether you’re living it up in sunny Mallorca like the Love Island contestants or staying in to binge the show (like us), we’ve got the inside knowledge on just how the contestants look THAT good! (without going to surgery extremes!)

The Lashes

Ever wonder how to avoid the curse of the panda eyes? We want to look good poolside, but sunshine, heat and humidity are not mascara’s best friend, don’t be afraid to go makeup free by choosing an LVL Lash Lift as part of your pre-holiday pamper.

LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift. This eyelash treatment is low maintenance with high impact!

LVL is a great alternative to lash extensions. Perfect for holidays and will last well beyond your tan lines! Natural lashes are shaped and curled to give you noticeably thicker and longer lashes.

When the sun sets its time to “lash it up” with gorgeous strip lashes, our fav's are Nouveau lashes which come in a range of styles and can all be reused night after night for extra glam!

Top tip – Remove strip lashes in the shower and allow to air dry – the lashes will be perfect for reuse up to 5 times! Now that’s what I call recycling!

The Hair

How do they manage to have their hair look so good sunbathing all day? Up dos for keeping hair away from getting all sun cream and keeping you feeling cool, but what about all the wispy bits? How do I stop my messy bun looking like a mess?

That’s when the Ponytail wax is perfect! Look out for neat necklines and sleek up dos with less fall out. Wax is expertly used to clean up the neckline area under the ponytail to give a natural neat line.

Top tip – Pop some deep conditioner with an SPF in your hair before whipping up into a sleek top knot or high pony in the morning, come night-time, your hair will have had a lovely deep conditioning  heat treatment, once rinsed your hair will be full of shine and bounce.

The Body

Our Shrinking Violet Wrap is a powerful body wrap treatment that can shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches! Treatment results are almost immediate, but 72 hours afterwards you will see the maximum effects, making this treatment perfect to have done before an event or holiday!

Not only does this help to tone and tighten, the gorgeous oil smooths lumps and bumps like cellulite and treats the skin to extra moisturisation while eliminating fat cells and is clinically proven to work!

  • One treatment can reduce body fat by 2.5%
  • 91% had inch loses of more than 2 inches
  • 83% had total loss still greater than 2 inches at 24 hours post treatment

Top tip – How do I get a bikini Body? – get a bikini and put it on… now go have fun!

Ora Beauty Salon Edinburgh

The next chapter...

A big shout out to all our amazing, loyal clients who have made our time at Ora Beauty so much fun!

Together we have shared tears of joy and tears of happiness. We have been there through good times and tough times. New jobs, new boys, holidays, breakups, makeups, more holidays, parties, engagements, weddings, babies, house moves and many incredible life journeys.

We are so grateful to have been a part of those times and we have loved every minute of it!

Sadly all good things must come to an end and the hard decision has been made to close the salon doors for good.

Thanks for all the good times, your loyalty and support #LoveYourLife
Nadine xx